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Dear visitors, our website wfcc.ch is getting some important upgrades. The Maintenance mode is set for some steps of the process and you might experience it from time to time for about a week. Most of the functionality seems to work now, some visual issues as font sizes and layouts in » celý článok »
So, máj 15, 2021
Svetová organizácia kompozičného šachu
The new look of Ratings pages will replace the pages for period 1.07.2013-01.04.2021 given on the bottom of Competitions->Solving page. By default the new page shows the latest period, with the search option for previous lists. The link (URL) to any rating list looks like: https://www.wfcc.ch/competitions/solving/solvers-ratings/?per=[quarter], where [quarter] is YYQN, like 21Q1 = 2021 quarter 1; 20Q4 » celý článok »
Ut, máj 11, 2021
Svetová organizácia kompozičného šachu
FAIRY TERMS menu of JF is updated, so the main page presents 2 subpages: The Fairy Chess Classification Project (created in April, 2021) JF Fairy Terms database (the old JF’s database of fairy elements which is still in use for the definitions of fairy pieces/conditions for the original problems). With the time » celý článok »
So, máj 01, 2021
Julia’s Fairies
JF Original Problems | April 2021(3) The judge of JF-2021-I: Ofer Comay. The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: not appointed yet.  Coming soon: Seetharaman Kalyan (India), János Csák and Gábor Tar (Hungary), “Robert Sharp” (29.04) No.1607 (++ ; Circe Couscous (promotion before rebirth)) Joost de Heer (Netherlands). The variation of Circe Couscous to be » celý článok »
Št, apr 29, 2021
Julia’s Fairies
The Fairy Chess Classification Project: Initial Release! After nearly 6 months work, Our inaugural release (version 0) with over 390 elements is ready for public viewing! THE FAIRY CHESS CLASSIFICATION(v.0, 22.04.2021):  TEXT Layout | TABULAR View PROJECT Presentational Page We have used the BCPS Glossary as the basis to which we added some more elements found in JF,the Die » celý článok »
Št, apr 22, 2021
Julia’s Fairies
It’s not only my effort bringing to you all those good news in the beginning of the spring No, not at all! It’s about the great collaborators we have here!  One more award on JF! By the one who has already judged JF Fairy section in 2014 (JF-2014-I / Award), » celý článok »
Ne, apr 18, 2021
Julia’s Fairies
Dear composers, now I’m glad to announce to you that our fairy judge for JF-2021-I (01.01.2021-30.06.2021) will be Ofer Comay! It was not so long ago, August 2015, when Ofer accepted to be the judge of JF-2015-II. In the tournaments section you can find a great work done by Ofer with » celý článok »
So, apr 17, 2021
Julia’s Fairies
Das Heft 308 der Schwalbe ist verschickt worden. » celý článok »
So, apr 03, 2021
Die Schwalbe
Solvers’ ratings as of April 1st 2021 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published! 13 tournaments of the 1st quarter 2021 are included: Open of A. Suetin Memorial 2021, A. Suetin Memorial 2021, 17th International Solving Contest 2021 Cat 1, 17th International Solving Contest 2021 Cat 2, Open tournament Championship of » celý článok »
Pi, apr 02, 2021
Svetová organizácia kompozičného šachu
Problemas. Boletín de la SEPA. Quinta Época, #34 (Abril/2021)   PDF     FEN   » celý článok »
Št, apr 01, 2021

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